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We build stronger, healthier and happier human beings. A1 Performance Training is a fitness coaching service that specializes in small group personal training as well as 1-on-1 private training in Temperance, MI. We have a variety of programs from our group fitness programs to our athletic performance programs. Our focus is to help individuals perform, look, and feel their best through the vehicle of fitness. A1 Performance Training is your go-to place for fitness and performance coaching!


Jake Gilstorff
Owner | Head Trainer

Former all-state baseball and football player at Summerfield High School, Jake has always had a passion for sports and training. Jake played baseball at Adrian College and graduated with a Bachelor’s Degree in Sports Management in 2015. Jake is an ISSA certified personal trainer and IYCA Speed and Agility Specialist. Jake has a serious passion for motivating others to push past self-doubt and believe in the abilities they have!


“A1 Performance Training is awesome! Jake is an amazing trainer and even better person. I recommend A1 to anybody looking to reach their fitness goals.”

Cindy Kendall

“Since working with A1 Performance Training I have seen huge changes in my athletic performance. I am working hard at a professional baseball career and with the help of Jake and A1 I have improved my broad jump, 60 yard dash, vertical jump and overall agility. Jake will work his butt off to make you better, just be prepared to work yours off as well.”

Braydon Gomes

“Jake is a great motivating instructor. The class hours are convenient, we get in, work out, and we’re done. No messing around. I look forward to my morning workouts and I feel great the rest of the day.”

Susan B.
“They are True leaders and Amazing teachers! Very skilled in their craft. A1PT trainers are highly motivated and will do anything to better anyone they works with. A1PT makes the fitness world fun and exciting!”
Shaun S.
“Knowledgeable, supportive, effective workouts. Jake is the best!”
Melissa W.
“Jake did a great job helping me reach my fitness goals! He broke down all the workouts and clean eating in a simply easy to follow structure. I would recommend his program to everyone!”
Mike B.
“Jake is a very encouraging trainer. He is extremely knowledgeable about conditioning technique(s), fitness, nutrition and muscle recovery. You won’t regret working with Mr. Gilstorff, your results will be all the proof you’ll need.”
Clark B.
“I’ve been working out for nearly 6 years. I was looking for a fun activity to replace my long and boring cardio sessions at the gym, and this is how I found Jake. since I’ve been working out with him I’ve not only improved my techniques and my physique but I’ve also pushed my self like NEVER before. His classes have the perfect combination of fun and challenge. I appreciate tremendously Jake’s disposition to help, he is always willing to answer my questions and to give his best advice.”
Alejandra P.


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