Small Group Training

Our small group training sessions are geared towards on the go, high achieving individuals who want to be strong, fit and healthy. Our personal trainer led workouts are 40 minutes long with up to 6 different times offered per day! We combine aspects of high intensity training, strength training, weightlifting and functional movement to give you the best 40 minute workout of your life. You get 3 workouts to try FREE! Don’t think 40 minutes a day can get you in shape? Let us prove you wrong!

Athletic Performance

Are you an athlete? We want to help you become a better one. Our athletic performance training is not sport specific. We focus on developing power, speed, agility, and strength all while improving mobility and injury prevention. Our goal is to develop the best overall athletes to help excel in whatever sport they play!

Private Training

Get the private attention you want from a highly qualified personal trainer in Temperance, MI. With private training comes a completely customized training program and nutrition recommendations based on your specific goals!

Free Session
Come in and join us for a class! We know you have a lot of choices when it comes to your fitness. Let us show you what sets us apart from everyone else!
Free Session